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Andrew Rickert Photo

Andrew Rickert

BMath, CFP

Senior Financial Advisor

With over 25 years of industry experience, Andrew plays a fundamental role as one of the Managing Directors of Guidance Financial Services Inc.. His unwavering commitment to ensuring the financial success of each of his clients, coupled with exceptional mathematical and analytical skills make him a key asset to the company. His refreshing personality and approachable style, solid knowledge of the financial industry and impeccable attention to detail reflect the integrity of his role within the company.  Andrew holds a double Bachelor of Mathematics/Business Administration degree from the University of Waterloo.

An avid sports fan, Andrew was heavily involved coaching all 3 of his sons’ hockey teams for 10+ years. Aside from hockey, he also enjoys playing golf, road biking, family ski trips, travelling and the tranquility of his lakeside Muskoka cottage.  He and his wife, Jennifer live in Waterloo with their 3 university aged sons.

T: 519.884.3360

Anthony E. Rickert Photo

Anthony E. Rickert

B.A.(Hons), CFP

Managing Director and Senior Financial Advisor

With 20 years of industry experience, Tony has enjoyed every moment assisting clients developing and executing financial strategies. His unwavering attention and advocacy to each of his clients helps ensure confidence in their financial strategy. His ‘Guidance Process’ develops and refines a custom plan that puts all the financial pieces together. He continues to engage clients with his trust and fresh personality that walks them though an often confusing future pace. Having a solid knowledge of many business industries and processes has given Tony a high level of financial pedigree.

Employing a healthy work/life balance is another focus in Tony’s life. He stays active by jogging, crossfit and golf. He is also a fan of the arts- music and dance- mostly because all three of his daughters are competitive dancers. Family activities are number one, so travelling with his wife Mona and his three girls are an ongoing activity.

T: 519-884-1336

For insurance products : tony@rfgl.com   
For investment products : anthony.rickert@manulifesecurities.ca 

Partricia Giglio Photo

Partricia Giglio

Executive Assistant, Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc

With close to 15 years of industry experience, Pat is integral to the success of Guidance Financial Services Inc.. She is largely responsible for the daily operation of the office and ensures that the administration of every client transaction runs smoothly and accurately. With her friendly demeanor and cordial manner, Pat is available full time to provide first rate client service, answer general questions about client portfolios and initiate and process paperwork. Outside of the office, Pat is an avid reader, loves to cook and is an exceptional baker of specialty cakes. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Jennifer Rickert Photo

Jennifer Rickert

Marketing Assistant, Rickert Financial Group Ltd

Call 1-888-477-9609